The WATCH ME command teaches your dog the importance of making eye contact and staying connected with you.  I like to refer to this command as "checking in".  In order for your dog to take direction from you they must be looking at you.  

First and most important, get your dog's favorite tasty treat.  Have your dog sniff and focus on the treat as you draw your dog's attention to your eyes.  Use the command WATCH ME as you lure your dog's attention to you.  As soon as they make eye contact reward them with the treat!

The Challenge:  See how long you can keep your dog's attention before giving them their reward.   

This can be a great way to remind your dog that it's time to pay attention while teaching a new trick, paying attention during a walk or a hike, or helping your dog deal with distractions. 

I find that I use this command most often when playing fetch with Ari.  Just before I throw the ball I remind him to WATCH ME.  This helps him to stop and think even during playtime!  Fetch is a great form of physical exercise for your pet, but don't forget to exercise the brain as well!!

AuthorLisa Demetrius