Hi, my name is Lisa.  I am a certified animal behavior consultant based in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  I  know that your family dog probably pushes your buttons and most likely on more than one occasion you've said to yourself "Why did I do this to myself?!... My old dog never used to act like this... Why is my neighbor's dog better behaved than my dog?".  I completely understand.  I've worked with and trained my own dogs and horses for over twenty years.  I had never faced such a challenge until I received my Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Mix, Ari.  At six months old Ari was robbing the bathroom of toilet paper, using the living room as a "potty-spot", and using my arms as a chew toys.  He had the most unbelievable amount of energy and fascination for shoes that I had ever experienced.  Eventually, we conquered his unruly ways and I am proud to say that at one-year-old he is a perfect gentleman (most days).  So no matter how much your dog tortures you..... or your children, I understand your frustration.  I know together we can help him or her become a well-mannered member of your household.

Dogs aren't human but they can still have etiquette.